Rough House

Breaking for the Summer!

Rough House is done for the 2014/2015 season!

Thanks to all the pigs and players for making these events amazing! We’ll be back in September. In the meantime, we’re sprucing up Check back soon, and/or check us our on Facebook or Twitter.

What is Rough House?

What is Rough House?

Rough House is a fun, social dungeon-cum-house-party Sunday afternoon event for gay men. The few leather dykes that show up at each event are also welcome and they enjoy themselves. But Rough House is decidedly targeted as space for gay men and those that enjoy that environment. The atmosphere is friendly, laid back, frisky, sexy, and always social. Friends connect, and people new to the scene are exposed to the community, fetish culture, kinky sex and BDSM. Each Rough House events attracts a great mix of seasoned players and people brand new to the scene.

What Happens at Rough House?

Each Rough House features a variety of BDSM play, depending on who attends. These are not staged demos as often seen in bars or fetish events, but more spontaneous play scenes that happen around the club over the course of the day. The scenes are staged in areas of the club where people can easily watch (up close or from more secluded vantage points), sometimes seeing BDSM play that they may have only seen in videos and pictures; usually there is a chance for questions and interaction (at an appropriate time; do not interrupt the scenes).

Activities that have been featured in the past at Rough House include: saline; bondage; CBT; percussion play; pumping; rope play; sounds; electro; fisting; and, suspension. More dramatic scenes have included a simultaneous fisting and tattoo scene, where a person received their first tattoo while being fisted. And at some events there is kooky fun, like the now-infamous Ass Plinko game where International Leatherboy 2009 Brad Hill shot red billiard balls out of his ass into a Plinko maze board.

At each event, a few curious people ask to get involved and they try something new for the first time. Rough House is an ideal environment to explore and connect with friendly people who can help you learn more about BDSM play and kinky sex.

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