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Sunday, September 23, 2012
Goodhandy’s/Club 120
120 Church Street @ Richmond; (above Spring Rolls)
Admission: $10

Presented by STEAMWORKS.


  • CBT with Master Tony & meat
  • Random BOOT WORSHIP by Boy Alex, EC Leatherboy 2012
  • SARAN WRAP & THINGS THAT HURT with Brandon & boy John
  • Urinal boy for WATERSPORTS
  • SUSPENSION with Irrational Machine
  • Sling stations for FISTING etc
  • FLOGGING & PADDLING with Jason Forbes
  • and more….

SPONTANEOUS scenes • dungeon FRISKINESS • COOL MUSIC by Dan • cash BAR


Rough House is NOT a pansexual event (i.e. targeted to straight/gay mix). Rough House is a gay event. The primary goal of Rough House is to create a BDSM space for gay leather men and leather boys. The leather dykes that show up at each event are ALWAYS welcome, but Rough House is decidedly targeted as BDSM space for gay leather men and the folks that enjoy that environment. Read the About Us section for more info.

What has gone on at past Rough House events?

Saline • Bondage • CBT • Percussion Play • Pumping • Rope Play • Sounds • Electro • Fisting • Suspension

Check out past Rough House pix at these links:

WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! • Any questions, please contact us!

STEAMWORKS is the PRESENTING SPONSOR of all Rough House events.

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One thought on “Rough House @ Club120 (formerly Goodhandy’s)

  1. Bill says:

    Had an awesome time at my first event in Jan 2012. One fantasy came true LOL. Coming back for more 😉

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