About Us

What is Rough House?


Rough House is a fun, social dungeon-cum-house-party Sunday afternoon event for gay men based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The few leather dykes that show up at each event are also welcome and they enjoy themselves. But Rough House is decidedly targeted as space for gay men and those that enjoy that environment. The atmosphere is friendly, laid back, frisky, sexy, and always social. Friends connect, and people new to the scene are exposed to the community, fetish culture, kinky sex and BDSM. Each Rough House events attracts a great mix of seasoned players and people brand new to the scene.

What Happens?


Each Rough House features a variety of BDSM play, depending on who attends. These are not staged demos as often seen in bars or fetish events, but more spontaneous play scenes that happen around the club over the course of the day. The scenes are staged in areas of the club where people can easily watch (up close or from more secluded vantage points), sometimes seeing BDSM play that they may have only seen in videos and pictures; usually there is a chance for questions and interaction (at an appropriate time; do not interrupt the scenes).

Activities that have been featured in the past at Rough House include: saline; bondage; CBT; percussion play; pumping; rope play; sounds; electro; fisting; and, suspension. More dramatic scenes have included a simultaneous fisting and tattoo scene, where a person received their first tattoo while being fisted. And at some events there is kooky fun, like the now-infamous “Ass Plinko” game where International Leatherboy 2009 Brad Hill shot red billiard balls out of his ass into a Plinko maze board.

At each event, a few curious people ask to get involved and they try something new for the first time. Rough House is an ideal environment to explore and connect with friendly people who can help you learn more about BDSM play and kinky sex.


The atmosphere at Rough House is friendly and social and frisky; the second floor area is more cruisy than the first floor. People can play in any part of the club (Rough House is great for exhibitionists!), but not every one plays; it’s perfectly fine just to come out to socialize and observe. Rough House is not the traditional ‘sex party’ but sex happens. There are larger public areas, but also lots of dark nooks and crannies for people to escape to.

At select Rough House events we do a Leather/Gear Market, with a collection of great gear and clothing at fantastic (if not cheap!) prices. All of the gear is donated. The Market is a great way to add to your existing gear, or if you are new to the scene to pick up and affordable item or two to start your own wardrobe and gear bag.

What if I’m New to the Scene?


Rough House is a great blend of seasoned players and people brand new to the scene. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and no pressure. The people and the environment is supportive and ideal for people new to the scene; it’s a very different vibe and event than you encounter at large leather events, in bars, etc. One does not have to participate in the play to attend or enjoy Rough House. Many of the frequent attendees and participants at Rough House are people involved in local leather groups/events and many are educators that take part in leather/BDSM seminars that take place through out the year.

People new to Rough House also discover that the fun and relaxed atmosphere also is a great opportunity to explore. At each Rough House, we’ve had two, three or four people attend our event for the first time, and often they have been new to the leather/BDSM scene in general and want to learn more about it or how to become more involved. Some are looking to make friends, others to learn more about BDSM and leather sex. If you’re new to the scene, or have been in the scene but are just new to this style of event, don’t hesitate to email the organizers and introduce yourself before you show up, and ask any questions, etc. If you just show up, you are always welcome to introduce yourself to the organizers when you arrive at Rough House and we can help you get familiar with the setting and the event.

What if I Prefer Just to Watch?


Rough House is just as much a spectator event as it is a play event. Always entertaining, Rough House is abound with interesting eye candy and visual stimulation. There’s also great music. The main floor is usually set up with equipment stations for straight up BDSM play; upstairs is darker and friskier, and also provides a great vantage point to watch whatever is happening on stage or on the main floor. Some people just hang out and socialize, some people play. You do what you’re comfortable with. People new to the scene often want to scope out and experience the event at their own pace.

What’s the Dress Code?


Fetish wear is encouraged – it adds to the ambiance and sexiness of the event – but it’s not mandatory. Some guys wear leather, rubber, wrestling singlets, neoprene, skin gear; others wear just jock straps and boots; and sometimes, naked and boots. And lots of people are in just jeans and t-shirts. Ultimately, attitude and getting out and taking part outweighs what you wear. People that don’t have leather/fetish gear should never stay away from the event for that reason; come out, explore, participate. You might hit a Rough House where a leather/gear market is happening and buy your first piece of gear!

No, Means No!

Rough House strives to be a friendly, laid back, social event, but we also want it to be frisky and sexy, and the atmosphere contributes to that. The event is a sexualized environment. A general tenant of the leather/kink community is polite and respectful behaviour towards others. If someone approaches you and propositions you to play, it’s important to remember that the official Rough House rule is “No, means No”. If you’re not into it, politely decline and don’t be embarrassed to do so. Anyone that can’t respect being politely told No and continues to make any guest uncomfortable is not the type of behaviour we want present at Rough House. Persistent unwelcome advances are simply rude, if not pathetic. It will not be tolerated and bad behaving guests will escorted to the door.

How Do I Get There?


Rough House is held at Club120 at 120 Church Street, near the southwest corner of Church and Richmond. Look for 120 Diner; the entrance to Club120 is the next doorway north.. For more information about the club, visit club120.ca

If you’re arriving by streetcar, to the north is the Queen St line, and to the south is the King St line; on both you want the Church St stop.

There are public parking lots beside and across from the club.